Artist Statement

“The silence is the only environment that enables you to hear yourself”

Through my art practice I aim to create a space for the quaint observation
and reflection upon the moment, despite the rhythm of modern day life.
I consider myself an adept of the “Slow Art” concept, which is focused on tranquil and studious art comprehension. I strive to evoke in the viewer a desire to connect with their sensory experience through interacting with my sculptural compositions.

 Glass is a primary material in my art. Working with glass is consonant with
the methods of creation of meditative art, addressing the theme of the unity of man and nature. Glass combines all the elements of nature - raw materials derive from the fire and earth, and in its final form glass echoes water and air.
Through exploring all the possibilities of this material, I convey the complexity and multidimensionality of the meaning of objects, pithiness, spaces and depth. Glass has the ability to introduce the light into spaces. Just like ice, it enchants with its magic of glow, and the color range is limitless: one can see numerous hues just by moving around the piece and changing the angle.

 In my work I deliberately avoid any direct symbolism or narrative. The fragile and momentary triumph of nature, which I strive to capture in my artworks, has become my leitmotif. My objects do not require logic and clear explanations - glass, in all it’s material glory, sounds louder and clearer than any artificially created story.